Our Story


Our Mission

Extreme Faith is a community of people working together to inspire the next steps in peoples and communities lives for Christ. This is done by using service,education, and leadership opportunities to build relationships that allow us to inspire the next step for others and be inspired by those around us. Extreme Faith started as a homeless ministry in 2001 and has grown into a community of people serving in numerous ways throughout the city of St. Louis. Extreme Faith currently serves as a ministry of St. Trinity Lutheran Church helping the church community walk with and inspire south city  to a closer relationship with Christ.

Inspiring People

Our community uses relationships formed through service, education and leadership opportunities to help people see God working and be inspired to take a step closer to Christ. Personal relationships and friendships are key to our mission as we walk and experience life with our friends and neighbors. The size and distance of each step may vary, however we celebrate any step closer to Christ. This may be something as simple as a father reading and praying  with his daughter before bed or as complex person starting their own ministry in response to seeing God at work. We celebrate these and any steps between that bring people closer to Christ.

Inspiring Communities

Personal relationships are key to becoming part of and inspiring a community. Extreme Faith has been part of the St. Trinity community since early 2009 when the church was considering closing their doors. Upon hearing about the struggling church, members of Extreme Faith began joining St. Trinity in their ministry efforts in hopes to encourage the church and inspire the surrounding neighborhood. As time grew the two groups have become one community inspiring and encouraging each other and the thought of St. Trinity closing their doors has passed. Extreme Faith now functions as a ministry of St. Trinity providing needed volunteers, resources and encouragement to assist in ministry efforts. We are committed to walking with communities of all sizes, wanting to inspire others to a deeper relationship with God.



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