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Dedicated service to individuals and communities has been the backbone of Extreme Faith since its start in 2002. Our goal is to inspire people to help each other, walking alongside and learning with each other on an adventure to change themselves and the world.

Our service to individuals in St. Louis takes many diverse forms. In the last decade, over 30,000 people have been positively impacted through our many programs. Our strategic partnerships in service include schools both public and private as well as churches nationwide.

Each summer hundreds of youth come to participate in our Mission Trip Program, traveling to Carondelet for a week of service in the community. While here, young high school students take part in projects throughout the community and help with our weekly Community Events.

Service Days are another major part of our serving in the community. During these day long events, participants from all around St. Louis engage in service throughout Carondelet. Participants aren’t only serving but also learning how service can impact the communities they go home to at the end of the day. We strongly believe in empowering everyone to take their next steps in service, which is most certainly not limited to those we are serving but those who volunteer to serve as well.

This idea of service to Carondelet is exemplified in the operation of our Food Pantry as well. Our Pantry, which is currently the second largest one in St. Louis, collaborates with neighborhood churches and food programs to help feed nearly 10,000 people a year. We are currently forming a program that would allow pantry visitors to participate in an empowerment program.This way, they aren’t simply getting a hand out but a true hand up.


Extreme Faith stands behind education as a key component to successful and inspiring life change. We work side-by-side with public and private schools in St. Louis to coordinate programs that focus on health, intellect, and character development that is age-appropriate and contextualized to the community.

Our goal is to provide caring leaders who intentionally invest in teaching children, giving them one-on-one attention through programs like summer camp, after school tutoring, and regular parent/leader conferences. On average, the children who attend our education programs gain 2-3 grade levels in core subjects areas.

Through our education programs, we strive to engage the entire community in affirming relationships. Through equipping children to live healthy, safe, and intellectually stimulating lives as responsible members of their families and neighborhoods, we see positive changes rippling through the entire community. In the community around our current campus, we’ve already seen crime rates plummet and neighbors connecting with one another, leading to positive community change.


Imagine what your organization looks like when you have youth so excited to come back that they’re literally knocking on the doors at all hours of the afternoon to serve--and that’s a picture of what Extreme Faith has done in one St. Louis community. Our young teenage leaders have a wealth of opportunities to hone their leadership skills.

Currently, we have over a dozen preteen youth actively involved in our Leadership Development Program, doing everything from leading homeless outreach events, running our food pantry, assisting with summer camps, and helping plan and organize community events like cookouts and sports nights. These young leaders are transforming their own community with pride and passion, and inspiring both the children and adults all around them.

In everything we do, we are dedicated to the goal of inspiring other people to take the next step to change their families, their communities, and the world. Without effective leadership, lasting change will never be achieved. That is why our goal is to rally individuals together, identify and invest in leaders of all ages, and help these leaders intentionally foster their leadership skills through positive and safe experiences. With this in mind we also have an internship program that allows high school and college students from around the nation to come to our facility for a semester to assist with our ministry programs as well as the operations of Extreme Faith as an organization.