cropped-EFlogo.jpg   Extreme Faith Mission/Vision

Extreme Faith exist to inspire the next steps in people and communities walk with Christ. Over the past 14 years, this has taken on many forms. Homeless, hungry people, underserved children, and even entire church congregations have been served and inspired. Through all this, a common theme has been on our hearts of investing in people and communities by empowering them for ministry in their own lives.  We will continue this theme by beginning a formal network of individuals and ministries who can walk together inspiring and supporting each other’s next step with Christ.


Extreme Faith exist to inspire the next step in people and communities walk with Christ.


This will be done by creating a community of individuals who gather regularly to celebrate what God is doing in their lives, learn new places to serve and be inspired as leaders. Secondly, we will create a network of ministries and churches that can share resources and provide places for our  community to serve. In return, these churches and ministries will be able to focus more on their immediate community, and fulfilling the Great Commission in a deeper, more meaningful way than before.

What does a next step with Christ look like?

Next steps with Christ vary based on where a person or community is in their faith walk. They may be as simple as a father taking the time to pray with his family before bed or as complex as a someone beginning a new ministry. We celebrate any step towards a closer relationship with Christ. No matter the size or complexity, a step that leads to Kingdom Growth is worth celebrating and sharing to inspire and encourage others in their walk with Christ.

When is our mission accomplished?

Our mission is accomplished when we see welcoming and growing communities taking multiple steps together learning leading and serving in ways that glorify God and inspire others in their faith walk.